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Enjoy Lower Monthly Rates/Fees

Lower prices are due to the fact that VoIP technology is built to leverage of your existing internet service, and because VoIP telephone calls are much cheaper to send over the internet compared to traditional landlines.

All Inclusive Calling Plans with Unlimited Local & Long Distance

With VoIPco plans you can choose unlimited or metered plans. Some plans we offer include unlimited calling to US and Canada for a flat price, which is still much less than the cost of a landline phone. Metered plans and International calling plans are also available.

VoIPco Premium Features

VoIPco includes features that are not available with landlines such as: voicemail to email  transcriptions, auto-attendants, ring groups, find me/follow me, E911, unified communications, and more. These features come standard with all VoIPco plans.

Flexibility &Scalability

VoIP eliminates your costs on unused services. VoIPco offers specialized plans tailored to your specific needs, making it easier for business to scale at their own pace.