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ISP Connection Routers & Hardware

VoIPco incorporates a Quality of Service device into every Hosted PBX implementation. Edgewater Networks and SimpleWan are the world leaders in providing network devices for VoIP implementations. VoIPco has certified all of the Edgewater Networks and SimpleWan equipment on our platform and have certified our engineers and support staff on all of these products.

EdgeMarc and SimpleWan Appliances

Network Services Gateways offer small to large enterprises reduced operational and capital expenses of up to 90% while improving call quality, security, and simplifying the user experience. They are an all-in-one solution that contain all of the features needed to deliver business class VoIP services to the enterprise.


Routers and Session Border Controllers are designed to offer breakthrough price performance for large and small enterprises alike. The EdgeMarc series offers an all-in-one solution for enterprise and service providers looking to enhance the performance of their Voice and Video over IP services.

Edgewater Simplifies Your Network Setup

  • Several form factors, scale

  • VoIP survivability

  • SIP, H.323 support

  • Automated phone configuration

  • Call quality monitoring, MOS prediction

  • Raw quality statistics (jitter, latency, etc,)

  • Integrated VoIP Test Agent


  • VoIP and Video over IP prioritization

  • Traffic shaping, Diffserv, Policing, Call Admission Control (CAC)

  • Stateful packet inspection firewall

  • VoIP protocol aware NAT/firewall

  • SNMP, telnet, SSH, HTTP, HTTPS, Radius

  • Syslog external and local reporting

  • PING, traceroute, TCPdump utilities

  • Plug & Dial

  • Integrated FXS/FXO

  • Expandable up to 4, T1’s using MLPPP or MLPPP/FR

  • Integrated IAD/gateway for analog and PSTN connectivity

  • Integrated WiFi

  • Breakthrough price performance, flexibility

  • Softswitch redundancy and local switching to PSTN gateway

  • Multi – VoIP protocol support

  • Shortens configuration time by over 70%

  • Simplifies troubleshooting

  • Improves customer support and reduces on-site calls

  • Protects critical assets from attack

  • Ensures the highest quality service for mission-critical IP applications

  • Delivers key applications in most efficient manner possible

  • Comprehensive protection for the enterprise

  • Securely resolve NAT/firewall traversal issues

  • Multiple management options

  • Several reporting tools

  • Advanced monitoring capabilities, real-time troubleshooting

  • Eliminate Pre-Staging of IP Phones

  • Reduce installation times – from hours to minutes

  • Improve “out of box” user experience

  • Integrated device for key system integration, SIP trunking, fax and other applications

  • One device for data, voice and other applications

  • PSTN failover for WAN outages