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What is CoreNexa™ SD-WAN?

CoreNexa™ SD-WAN is designed to optimize your voice data traffic. Its primary function is to shape bandwidth and intelligently route traffic in order to ensure the highest voice quality. Secondarily, it works to prioritize your most important data traffic based on your policies and create special routing for your most used cloud-based services. (e.g. Office 365,

How does SD-WAN work?


SD-WAN prioritizes voice traffic over data to ensure the highest voice quality. When you run out of bandwidth for your standard data, your pages run slow, but when you run out of bandwidth for voice, your calls sound awful, or worse, drop.

Monitoring & Remediation

SD-WAN and the Orchestrator work together to monitor voice quality and upon sensing a degradation of voice quality it will automatically do one of two things:

  • When Orchestrator senses packet loss, SD-WAN will automatically begin duplicating packets in order to avoid voice quality degradation.

  • Delay Transmission: When Orchestrator senses jitter, SD-WAN will delay the sending of packets to smooth out voice quality.

Specialized Routing

When sending the voice packets to us, SD-WAN creates specialized tunnels, isolating your traffic from standard internet traffic and ensuring the most direct route between your customers’ networks and our data centers.

Distributed Network Optimization

SD-WAN works to manage and optimize connections between disparate locations and distributed networks, so employees at different locations have the same level of access and network quality.


SD-WAN, through the Velocloud Orchestrator, provides sophisticated troubleshooting functionality that can show you where there are issues and what remediation is being carried out automatically.

Who is SD-WAN for?

Our SD-WAN solution is for organizations with remote workers, multiple locations/ branches, or workflows that require employees to rely on multiple network types/ distributed networks. SD-WAN also benefits organizations that have bandwidth limits and need reliability and stability for both their VoIP and standard data.

How do I get started?

In order to purchase SD-WAN products, you must first fill out the SD-WAN order form. If you have any further questions or need further information, get in touch with your PS Team Associate or check out this Video for a detailed overview of the ordering process.