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SD-WAN Platinum 1000

The Perfect Branch Office Solution

The Platinum 1000 hardware is ideal for a medium branch where there is 30 – 300 users. This hardware supports roughly 1200Mb of continuous throughput with all the functions and features of SimpleWAN fully enabled. All SimpleWAN products and technologies are available on this device with future features and services to be easily deployed through software or cloud augmented updates. The Platinum 1000 can take two Internet connections and can be used in failover or load balancing modes. It also can support satellite 4G and 5G technologies for high availability. Since the Platinum technology is designed so that it’s the “Last Box” you buy. All future features and functions will become available to this unit as they are released. The only time you would need to change this unit is if you go beyond its total throughput capabilities. This unit is fully stateful and has no moving parts as well as very low power usage. This is truly a technology and hardware you can set and forget.

One Piece of Hardware Collapsing the Network Stack





Cyber Security

Diagnostics and Monitoring

Information Compliance

Multiple Location Connectivity


All in One