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VoIPco SIP Trunking Solution

Get the most out of your current equipment. By merging voice and data lines onto a single IP-based trunk, VoIPco SIP Trunk Solution can help you handle more traffic and:

  • Use your ISP capacity by taking advantage of your maximum bandwidth
  • Benefit from VoIPco technology which transports more voice traffic on the same size circuit, with no appreciable loss of quality
  • Manage and control call performance through web-based reporting via the VoIPco user portal
  • Support connectivity with IP PBXs or traditional telephone systems

Cost-effectiveness with VoIPco SIP Trunking

Take advantage of the cost efficiencies that come with consolidating voice and data with VoIPco SIP Trunking:

  • VoIPco single streamlined, network is faster, more secure and easier to manage

  • Reduced costs and billing complexities associated with separate voice lines, phone numbers ans services

  • Centralize your services and reduce the need for more physical equipment in individual locations

Invest in your future with SIP Trunking

Prepare for the next generation of your network. No need to pruchase new hardware when you hardware is working just fine. VoIPco can ingtegrate with most traditional systems and gain all the VoIPco features you do not have with your existing system.