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Speed Test

Why Should I Check My Internet Speed?

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) promise to provide a certain speed, but sometimes users do not receive that speed on their end. There are plenty of reasons which can cause slow internet speeds. Connectivity issues from the local ISP , individual circuit issues, configuration of internet connection on your network or may be an common issue of ISP conjestion.

Why VoIPco Speed Test is unique?

VoIPco is using its unique algorithm to test your connection speed within your web browser, we are not controlled by any ISP so we can show you exact connection speed in between you and our server. Most alternatives use your isp server itself to test your speed, it is like testing your internet speed in between your device and your router, if you test it will show you the maximum but actually your real speed outside isp is very low. If you test your speed in most famous speed test site and it shows you 3mbps speed and when you try to watch a YouTube video it starts buffering why? Ok YouTube server may be slow! Here is the very important point when you test your internet speed. Latency is an important factor and you and your isp server in-between latency is very small 3 to 10 ms. But when you are trying to connect a server that is 1000KM away the latency will increase. If your isp is smart enough to route your connection in a smarter way you will get good results. So a speed test with your isp server does not mean anything until you test your speed with other servers online. VoIPco will analyse your minimum and maximum latency and calculate your internet speed by using our unique algorithm. That finally gives you the most accurate, stable connection speed.