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Contact Center FAQ

What is Contact Center?

Contact Center (CC), is an evolution of call center functionalities. Over time, your organization’s needs for customer engagement have likely increased in scope. Previously, customers only had voice channels for real-time communication with your business, so call centers like yours only needed voice capabilities. As your customers’ options for communications expand to email, live chat, and text, we know you need to respond accordingly by offering those same channels as means of modern customer engagement. This demand spurred the evolution of our Contact Center customer engagement solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a “Customer Engagement Center”?
The term “Customer Engagement Center” is a name used to describe contact centers that are utilizing more advanced customer service interaction methods like bots, Al, and apps. A “Customer Engagement Solution” is the platform that your Contact Center utilizes for omni-channel customer service communication and management.
Who can use Contact Center?
Our CC solution is for organizations that want to manage, monitor, and enhance the customer engagement experience. The CC platform offers powerful call routing tools, voice to text, chat capabilities, customizable dashboards, and detailed reporting. All of these CC solutions are important to the survival and growth of your organization as it engages with its customers. Our CC platform helps you create an easy-to-setup, manage, and scale contact center.
How does Contact Center work?

Our Contact Center platform can integrate with multiple call controls or with any hosted or on-premise PBX that supports SIP trunking. Contact Center’s Automated Call Distribution (ACD) engine routes and manages inbound and outbound media. This ensures that a call, email, chat, or text is routed to the proper agent based on queue and skill set management.

Contact Center has a robust set of features intended for call center supervisors that enable them to manage agent resources and call flows. Your supervisors can use custom agent scripting tools and widgets that allow for agent/queue specific desktop apps. They can take part in supervisor coaching actions like Listen, Whisper, Join, and Take. The CC platform offers several styles of interactive dashboards that display important CC performance data in real time including calls in queue, service levels, agent details, alerts, and warnings. It offers more than 50 types of reports including queue, agent, and media performance. Reports are also available on your organization’s IVR data and customer service survey results

CC agents can utilize screen pop applications which allow for information to be collected from your customers during their interactions with the IVR system. The platform’s CRM integration allows that data to be displayed on your agent’s desktop during the call which reduces call length and enhances a customer’s experience. The agent system includes call recording of agents as part of the seat license which allows for quality management and call tracking. It also offers detailed search capabilities, unlimited storage time, and scoring for quality assurance to your supervisors.

The CC solution includes administration for Workforce Management (WFM) including agent scheduling, PTO management, forecasting, and adherence for multiple locations and shifts. Unlimited schedules and types are supported and may be assigned to each queue in CC. The CC platform supports many other actions that are industry standard but may require additional professional services and/or fees for implementation and usage.